The BIG Loser in El Paso’s Elections

For some reason, a post that I wrote yesterday dropped out of sight. Here it is:

Max Grossman endorsed the following candidates:

City District 1: Rick Bonart or Veronica Frescas (i.e., anyone but Peter Svarzbein)

City District 5: John Hogan

City District 6: Eric Stoltz, the Socialist

City District 8: Greg Baine, Dylan Corbett, Nicholas Vasquez, Rich Wright (i.e. anyone but Cissy Lizarraga)

County Precinct 4: Andrew Haggerty.

Here are the winners:

City District 1: Peter Svarzbein

City District 5: Isabel  Salcido

City District 8: Cissy Lizarraga

County Precinct 8: Carl Robinson

The BIG LOSER: Max Grossman.

The BIG WINNER: The people of El Paso

Takeaways: Max has no political clout in El Paso. If it weren’t for the backing of fracking billionaire, JP Bryan, he would not have been able to carry on his litigations with the city that has cost taxpayers millions for as long as he has. There are now plenty of signs that that litigation is unraveling. All of this is good news for the people of El Paso.



Grossman sent out yesterday yet another email missive. In it he said that JP Bryan offered a compromise to the City and it was still on the table. Here is what he wrote:

J. P. Bryan entered into direct negotiations with Mayor Dee Margo on March 21, 2018 in a sincere effort to seek a compromise over the “Arena” location that would satisfy both us and the City of El Paso, ending all litigation. On that day, the Mayor handed Mr. Bryan [a map] which had been carefully drawn up by City officials, and over the next 78 days there was a back-and-forth email exchange between the two men. On June 7 the City walked away from the table without explanation and litigation promptly resumed.

The truth is that, after the City offered the compromise, Grossman’s and Bryan’s demands were outrageous. They, not the City, are to blame for the impasse.

The fact that Max is even talking compromise is a sure sign that their litigation is not going well. In fact, it is now unraveling for them at a quick pace.

One question sticks in my mind. If Mr. Bryan really cares about historic preservation and restoration, why hasn’t he stepped up to the plate as Paul Foster has done? In a November 30th missive, Mr. Grossman mentioned that the historic DeSoto Hotel was up for sale for $699,000, a steal for sure.  Why doesn’t Bryan buy the building and refurbish it? Certainly much more of his money has gone for lawsuits rather than anything positive.

As I have said before, the word (getting louder) on the streets of Houston is that Mr. Bryan has it out for the Margos. There has never been a denial. Perhaps Bryan has made “Duranguito” his vendetta against the Margos and is not really interested in historic preservation in downtown El Paso.

Also, just like Grossman’s political impotence as shown by the loss of all of his candidates for city and county offices, his recent “forum” sang to his choir only. As I have heard, it was full of misinforumation.


Perhaps Check the Vital Records First

Early this morning, the El Paso Police Department SWAT team descended on the home of a woman. They were there to arrest her son. Of course, the woman was terrified. She was brought to tears. Her son died four months ago.

I hear that the incident is actionable – a civil rights violation. Maybe a suit against the department and the city will lead to the police doing a better job with their due diligence next time.


Finally, Abraham Properties Bought

Today is not just election day; it is also the auction of Billy Abraham’s downtown properties. Here’s what we know so far:

American Furniture went to Jim Scherr.

Newberry and the Tap to Miquel Fernandez.

Caples to a Chicago resident.

Krupp to the Meyers group.

A key person made this observation: “Funny – nothing to Max Grossman or JP Bryan who claim to care so much about these buildings.” Ironic, isn’t it.

BTW, the word on the streets – Houston streets – is that Bryan has a vendetta against the Margos. I don’t know whether this is true, but, if true, it does help to explain some things.

League of Women Voters

In response to yesterday’s post, Please Don’t Vote, Judy Ackerman sent this suggestion:

“Visit non-partisan League of Women Voter’s website .”

I visited the site and walked through the steps to get the candidates that appear on my ballot. I noticed that some have yet to respond, and, I’m guessing, will not for whatever reason. You’ll have to do your own digging after using the League’s helpful tool.

There have been conservative criticisms of the League perhaps best stated in an article from Influence Watch.

Thanks again, Judy.

Please Don’t Vote

So many voices urge you to go vote. I’m urging you not to vote.

Don’t vote because someone is Kennedyesque, a Latina (or any particular race), has a Texas twang or makes you feel better.

Don’t vote if you’re not informed about current events, the issues and the candidates positions on those issues – all candidates not just someone you might vote for. Find out what a candidate really stands for and not the hype on their website or in their ads or their speeches. Find out how they voted, what they’ve done (really done) and what their political philosophy is.

Don’t vote for a candidate just because it is the “in” thing to do and popular among your friends. Think for yourself. Think – really think.

Don’t vote for a candidate just because he or she is beloved by Hollywood, has been on Ellen Degeneras and Stephen Colbert.

Don’t vote for the Party. Vote for the person.

Don’t vote unless you have read and understand the United States Constitution.

If you are current on events, done your homework, understand all sides of the issues (understand not just knee jerk categorized one candidate as good and the other as an evil fascist), done your own thinking and really know where the candidates stand, then vote.

If you haven’t done any of the above, please don’t vote.


What’s the Difference?

Meet two demagogues. We are all familiar with Senator Joseph McCarthy who led the Communist witch hunts in the 1950s. We also know Max Grossman who leads, not just an effort to prevent the arena from being built in the Union Plaza area of downtown, but who also smears other El Pasoans in his notorious emails.

His most recent missive disparages city council members past and present. Their crime? They initially agreed to try to preserve the Union Plaza area. Then they had a change of mind. Their agreement was interpreted by Max as a solemn pledge to him, kind of like a covenant with YHWH. Changing their minds means to Max that they are liars and, what’s worse, “politicians”.

Imagine if a council member had come out in favor of supporting building the arena where currently proposed and, then, deciding that the area should be preserved. Would they then be liars and politicians? I’m sure that Max would see them as courageous statesmen,  saints and not sinners.

I for one changed my mind when I was on city council because I decided that doing so would mean justice for the people living in the area. No matter which side prevailed, those people would be relocated. As Max told me, the area could preserve history and have nice little boutiques. The people put out on the street would not be able to afford to move under his plan. The City’s plan made relocation a viable possibility which indeed it has.

Both McCarthy and Grossman are mean little men with gargantuan egos. We know what happened to McCarthy. The same fate awaits Grossman. It just takes time.