The Evidence is Damning

Even though the El Paso Times refuses to publish information damning to Judge Escobar, below is the email stream in which it is clear that Escobar was very much a part of an ethics complaint against Tommy Gonzalez and getting the City Manager fired.

Forwarded conversation
Subject: letter to the Ethics commission

From: Susie Byrd <>
Date: 2016-04-29 12:47 GMT-06:00
To: “Jim H. Tolbert” <>, Veronica Escobar <>

Jim and Veronica:

I think Jim should send this letter to the Ethics Commission. Let me know wha you think.

From: Veronica Escobar <>
Date: Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 1:09 PM
To: “Byrd, Susie” <>
Cc: Jim Tolbert <>

Love it

The letter mentioned is a letter to Stuart Schwartz, the Chair of the City’s Ethics Commission. The Ethics Complaint Form was authored by “Michael”, probably the attorney husband of Judge Escobar, Michael Pleters, and last saved by Susannah Byrd.

Authorship of Ethics Complaint

The Escobar-Pleters were knee deep in the cabal against Tommy Gonzalez.

Can you say “Abuse of Power”?



3 thoughts on “The Evidence is Damning

  1. How is that an abuse of power? Three people agreed that the city manager is corrupt, and one of them agreed to file a complaint about it. It doesn’t really matter whether any of these three people were elected officials.


    • Using your position to accomplish personal goals is abuse of power. It’s no secret that Escobar tried, unsucessfully, influence city decisions. There are at least 3 instances of her over stepping her bounds as a county official to effect change at the city.


  2. How did Byrd or Escobar use their position? How would it be any different if any random Joe Schmo had written that complaint and passed it along to Tolbert?


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