Byrd under Investigation?

Here’s the story about the 4-2 decision by the EPISD to audit Trustee Byrd.

Just a cursory look at Escobar’s financial disclosure reports show the names of some who have worked for the EPISD: Linebarger and Blanco and Ordonez.

Byrd is certainly under criminal investigation or soon will be. One wonders when the Texas Rangers will step in. It could include Escobar also.

My post yesterday about the endorsement of Fenenbock by Leeser and Reyes drew this email comment from someone who now plans to vote for Dori:

“An interesting point for me was that the politicians who have endorsed Dori are men like Reyes and Lesser, who have the history to make real judgments about a candidate but have no self-interest in the choice.  The politicians who have endorsed Escobar seem to assume she will win and therefore, it is in their best interest to endorse her.  That is a ‘telling indicator’ for me. ”

BTW, Byrd plays the victim. She claims that the Board voted for the audit because she was a minority in going after Superintendent Cabrera. The fact is that Board Trustees have been pissed at her for months and months because of all the disaffection she has caused on EPISD in an effort to help Escobar and smear Fenenbock. Since it has now come to light that Byrd is Escobar’s campaign manager and there are donations from EPISD vendors to Escobar, Susie found that she didn’t have enough friends on the Board.

Another point: Fenenbock has come under attack by some for a negative campaign while Escobar “stays above it”. Escobar has had Susie Byrd and Jaime Abeytia doing her dirty work. Susie by stirring up trouble on the EPISD Board and Jaime (and others) engaged in an anti-semitic campaign.

In a comment to his own post, David K writes:

“So Vero and Susie are organizing a boycott of Jewish owned business because a Jew dare run for an elected position? That’s pretty racist… I mean there’s saying things and then there’s doing things. Racism is really at it’s pinnacle when you ‘do’ something to a certain group of people – like, you know, boycott their businesses.”

Also read David K’s newest post: A word on Susie.


2 thoughts on “Byrd under Investigation?

  1. I wrote this under the “Comments” Section about beginning a boycott. I am tired of all the mud-slinging from Dori and the False Accusations. I have nothing to do with Veronica Escobar. I am just tired of the same old shit from Dori. The constant Attacks and Lies.

    As I “wrote” on the Comments Section to David Karlsruher (who actually lives in Austin, TX). Dori’s campaign material posted. “I BEAT 3 LATINAS.”…..

    What does that mean?

    We clean your homes. Cut your grass. Mow your lawns. Wash your cars, sweep out your stores, roof your homes, construct your buildings….So, all is Fair right? She beat 3 Latinas so we boycott your buriness.


  2. Another question I posed to David Karlsruher, which he didn’t bother to answer. When Dori was living in Colorado–I assume with her previous husband.–she listed herself as Republican and Christian.

    So, what is she?

    Also, David K was denigrating the LGBT community by falsely accusing transgender women of being “guys with hairy chests and wearing a dress….molesting your children.” That is nothing what the trans movement is about. Do you think this if fair? Are these David’s positions?. If he uses the same logic, then my comments section is the same as David’s comments but then are actually Dori’s position as well. She is anti-Latina (I beat 3 Latinas). And, anti LGBT….”Hairy men wearing dresses….molesting your children.”

    David Karlsruher also has gone on record that Palestine does not need its own country and should be walled in. In fact, he insulted our intelligence by saying he knew more than we did…we were basically children who had not grown up. Yes, David is such a wise old man and knows it all.

    So, lets be clear about “Official Positions” by Veronica. He keeps up bringing up Susie as if she is on the ticket. Same as with Veronica’s husband. ONLY Veronica’s name is on the ballot. Yet David/Dori claimed she has the gall to state that. Really? There are 3 names on the ballot under Veronica’s name….? Of course not. It’s only Veronicia Escobar, and as a Latina I am angry about these false and misleading posts.

    And, your post about Silvestre Reyes? He was so ignorant that he couldn’t diistinguish between Shi’ite and Sunni. And, when interviewed while in office complained….”why are you asking me so many tough questions at 5:00 O’clock…”


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